Solar Energy, Wind Energy, and Daily Activities

Daily activities in the energy industry are much the same as everywhere else. People need energy, and you just supply them with it. It is a Extreme Greennecessity for most people, and all forms of energy are needed. When it comes to the alternative sources, solar panels and wind generators are even used on private property to maintain some semblance of low energy consumption. It is considered a long term investment, because it will reduce the cost of buying energy from major suppliers over a long period of time, and the initial cost of the solar panels and wind generators are quickly replaced. Well, perhaps not quickly, but over a period of years. That’s what makes it a long term private investment for individuals.

When it comes to companies, the cost of development and installation of alternative energy can sometimes not be worth the long term benefits, since companies often move their storefronts around or relocate to a better situation in town, and all of the installation has to be redone or relocated, which costs more money. In addition to that, the cost is better off spent when on “the grid,” since that saves the company more over time, being well regulated and not prone to power failure or something which can cause the switch from alternative to standard to be problematic.

Daily activities must be maintained and to that end, many companies have not chosen to use alternative energy, due to the potential loss of the investment or other complications. However, there is another way that you can get a full return on your investment into the eco friendly alternatives. Our chemicals are safe for the environment, and yet also produce very real and effective solutions for cleaning, rust removing, disinfecting and other needs.

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Wind Energy Throughout the World

Marine Glass Cleaner, Radiator Cleaner, Dishwashing LiquidIt is easy to support and love wind energy if you are regularly in an area that is powered by wind energy and where you can actually look at wind generators around you when you are on the road or highway. This helps you to see them working, view how effective the operations are, and know that they are a good idea. However, people who are not regularly around wind generators may find it more difficult to view it as a feasible (and cost effective) source of energy. In other words, when the generators are there en masse to look upon, customers may wish to purchase this source of energy. However, if an area is new to this concept, local energy suppliers are able to maintain customer loyalty and new operations simply have a difficult time gaining a widespread following. How popular is wind energy throughout the world?

World’s Five Largest Onshore Wind Farms

Number one is Roscoe Wind Farm in Roscoe, Texas, with a capacity of 781.5 MegaWatts, which covers almost 100,000 acres of land.

Number two is Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center, located in Taylor and Nolan Counties, Texas, with 735.5 MegaWattcapacity.

Number three in this category is Alta Wind Energy Center, located in the Tehachapi Mountains in California, with a current capacity of 720 MegaWatts (MW).

Number four is the Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm, located in Sterling and Coke Counties, Texas, with a 662.5 MW capacity.

Number five is the Fowler Ridge Wind Farm in Benton County, Indiana, with a capacity of 599.8 MW.

World’s Five Largest Offshore Wind Farms

Offshore wind farms are farms of wind generators set in the ocean, creating wind energy for us offshore. The world’s largest offshore wind farm is Walney Wind Farm, located off the coast of Cumbria, in the Irish Sea, England. It has a 367 MegaWatt capacity.

Number two in this category is the Thanet Wind Farm, also off the coast of England, in Kent, with a capacity of 300 MW.

Number three is Horns Rev 2, located in Horns Reef, near Denmark, with a capacity of 209 MegaWatts.

Number four is Rodsand II, also known as Nysted Wind Farm, located near Lolland, Denmark, with a capacity of 207 MW.

Number five is the Lynn and Inner Dowsing Wind Farm, located in the North Sea near Lincolnshire, England, which operates with a capacity of 194 MW.

Australia’s Largest Wind Farms

Australia’s three largest Wind Farms are the Hallett Group of Wind Farms, the Lake Bonney Wind Farm, and the Waubra Wind Farm. Hallett has a collective capacity of 298 MW, all three stages of Lake Bonney Wind Farm have a collective capacity of 278 MW, and Waubra Wind Farm, located in Victoria, has a capacity of 192 MW.

That is a lot of power.

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