What is Septic Safe?

What is Septic Safe?Septic safety is about how chemicals you pour down your drain are safe for your septic system or not. Every year, every Australian pour down many pounds of chemical into their septic system, and it’s important only buy chemicals which are septic safe.

This is especially true for industrial work. Why is that?

The answer is simple. Industrial liquid is often diluted with water by the employees who use it in cleaning and maintaining workplaces and equipment. Therefore, it comes in highly concentrated and often highly corrosive form. Many industrial liquids must be really heavy duty in order to save man hours working on the job. This is why it tends to be extremely corrosive, so that the oil, petrol, antifreeze, or any other petroleum based grime can be easily and quickly washed up. Unfortunately, these are powerful chemicals which are then washed into the septic system. This can cause a lot of damage later on and immediately.

If the septic system cannot handle the bad chemicals, then they can corrode the walls and tanks of your system.

When the septic empties into the water supply system these chemicals can eventually make their way into the ocean which can really cause damage to ocean life. In fact, one of the best ways to make a species extinct is to chemically alter their reproductive systems to where they are not able to continue the species any longer.

Obviously both the immediate and long term consequences can be quite dire.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we have a page for every product listed in our store. We give all of the details on each of our eco friendly liquid products on separate individual pages, and you can learn all about each chemical. One of the ratings we list for individual eco friendly industrial liquid is the septic safety rating. This way, you will know exactly what you are getting when you order from us, and you can plan for your septic safety using pragmatic reasoning. It’s very simple. Look at the septic safety rating if our product, compare it with industrial chemicals you are already using, and evaluate any other chemicals which you will be hosing out your workplace with. That way, you can balance out harsh and soft chemicals. Call us today to order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.