Mineral Paths

Antibacterial Hand WashIf you have ever taken a course in nutrition, you will have learned that you need vitamins which come from fruits and vegetables, and you also need minerals. Now, some people eat meat, and they get their minerals from the meat, since the edible animal has eaten dirt with their grass and therefore ingested minerals.

Minerals cannot be found in living plants, at least not to the degree which we need them. However, they can be found in stones and rocks and earth, which comes off in clumps in the grass and hay which animals eat. That is why meat can have enough minerals in it for the human body.

Isn’t it interesting that the stone paths throughout your garden could be part of completing the human diet?

Minerals are so valuable that they are sold in concentrated forms in vitamins and capsules in health food stores and vitamin stores. Minerals can only be found in rock, and if you are a vegetarian, then you probably are not getting all the minerals you need in your regular diet. Therefore, you might want to have a look in a vitamin store for supplemental minerals to add to your food every day.

That is only a suggestion, of course, and should in no way be construed as medical advice.

When harmful chemicals affect the earth and the ocean, they also affect the minerals. Chemically speaking, any compound can have an effect upon a mineral compound. Therefore, be sure and use eco friendly liquid products, such as marine glass cleaner, bath and tile cleaner, liquid hand soap, and fuel conditioner from Envirosafe Solutions.

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