Some Quantum Reasoning (Very Simple)

When dealing with new Eco friendly initiatives or when researching and developing new green technologies, remember that anythingSome Quantum Reasoning (Very Simple) is possible. Now, that may seem like a cliche, but the mind has obeyed every single task you have put to it so far, even tasks which you denounce as being “impossible.” Your brain obediently gives you thousands of reasons why such and such a task really is impossible. On the other hand, when you set your brain to figuring out how you can accomplish certain goals, it immediately begins finding ways (and more than just a few solutions) to accomplishing that goal, at least until you tell it to stop by reiterating how “impossible” something is. Eco friendly solutions have created and successfully utilized by constantly telling the brains of the engineers and architects that of course it is possible and that it can be done if enough research and thought is put into finding a way. Many Eco friendly solutions, such as bio fuel and radiator liquids and kitchen products and hand sanitizers have been created in order to better our planet, be biodegradable (or at least partly so), be septic safe, and to avoid harsh reactions while still remaining highly effective.

Quantum mechanics studies the world of sub atomic particles and researches and studies how the very foundations of our universe live and breathe and reproduce and repair damage. If light can be both a wave and a particle, then we can utilize both sustainable and non-sustainable chemical solutions in our lifetime. If photons can exist in two places at once, then we can travel the earth and rescue endangers species without leaving a jet fuel carbon footprint in the process. If energy particles can exist in multiple forms simultaneously and only conform to one form when observed, then we can improve our industrial Eco friendly efforts through the use of state of the art equipment and state of the art chemicals. Envirosafe Solutions is part of that movement and our Eco friendly chemical solutions are ready and willing to perform the tasks desired. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Sustainable Branding

Eco Friendly, Eco Friendly Liquid Products, Environmental Cleaning Products, Eco Friendly Industrial Liquid, Extreme Green, Environmentally Friendly LiquidsBranding is about giving life to your business. You should not have to sacrifice in order to “build an image,” and that includes sacrificing eco friendly measures of branding. You should be able to always build your business in an eco friendly way, using sustainable materials, and clean, green friendly advertising. What are some of the best ways to build a brand?

Use sustainable packaging. This is one of the best ways to build fundamental subconscious advertising methods. Your customers can see that your shipping packages are eco friendly and sustainable and biodegradable. This helps your company to cement its authenticity and eco friendly practices in the minds of your customers.

Use illustrations. Using minimalist, green styles, you can take your eco friendly advertising and packaging to new heights with product printing and illustrative guides, preferably light, retro directions for use or construction. This is a new simple way to cut down on advertising costs, use recycled materials and ink, and rebrand your company in a stable, traditional style.

Pop out advertising. Use three dimensional pop-out cardboard or paper or other biodegradable packing for your products, as well as in signs and posters advertising your company. Fold out, pop out, and construction sets for your advertising will create more depth (literally) in your message, and be seen in the minds of your clientele as a safe location for their business.

Reusable, and entertaining, paper bags. Paper bags have been deconstructed by children for decades, and made into something new and creative. Paper bags with built in paper mask ideas, games, activities, and puzzles to solve are a whole new dimension to subtle advertising. If these bags are associated with your company, your client’s children may be asking their parents to do more business with you!

Branding does not always have to be through direct advertising. It can also be through more subtle means, such as how your business conducts business, like through your treatment of your place of employment. Be sure to use eco friendly products from Envirosafe Solutions when keeping your office and your industrial worksite clean, disinfected, and trouble free. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.