Check Up On Your Eco Solutions Team

Fabric Conditioner, Laundry PowderMany large companies have eco solutions teams to help them keep their operations earth friendly and to reduce waste and their impact upon the environment. However, there are many ways in which even that move may not fully pan out into the full potential that it could be. What are some ways to round off your company’s eco solutions team and what do we mean by telling you to check up on them?

Not all divisions of your company are synergizing. With every company, you will find that there are divisions or sections of the business which are not quite as in sync with the rest of the business as you believe they should be. When this happens, organize an education of each division by their comrades so that everyone understands their own jobs and the responsibilities of others, and everyone is working together, instead of apart.

Especially make sure that the accounting department and the eco solutions teams are working together and are aware of each other’s initiatives. This is especially important regarding any tax breaks or cost reduction or financial incentives which are being handed out by your local or federal government at this time. If the account department is aware of your eco friendly efforts, then more money can be saved, more of our wonderful planet can be sustained, and more revenue can remain within your business.

Make sure that your eco solutions team is modern. This is especially important if new incentives have recently been introduced or if new technology is renovating how companies, especially large international companies, are reducing cost, reducing fuel and emissions, and increasing self sufficiency. One of the most important reasons to remain self sufficient is to maintain a durable competitive advantage over your competition, i.e. other businesses in your industry and competing industry markets.

Use discretion. Keep an eye on your eco solutions team’s progress and planning for new agendas. This is not to say that you should require notification about every small step, but talk to individual employees, especially management, about current projects once a week, and make sure that you are being kept in the loop on a fairly regular basis.

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