Cooking from Scratch

Cooking from ScratchOften, those of us who didn’t grow up with moms who “cooked from scratch” really believe that it is complicated and messy. However, this is not the case, nor is it a waste of time. You see, cooking from scratch involves very little ingredients and all of those ingredients are in their unrefined, raw form, which means that they are very cheap. A meal that would normally have cost you $20 actually ends up costing you $2. That is a pretty big leap, and there is a reason for it. By buying and using raw ingredients, you are not only making the food more nutritious for your body, thus making it last longer in your stomach and your body’s energy system, but you are also saving a great deal of money which would otherwise be spent on pre-prepared food, the labor and skill of which costs far more than the food itself.

You see, in the service industry, you are paying for the service. The food is simply a small cost on the bill. You are paying for the preparation.

Of course, you don’t want to make everything from scratch. For example, when you use your toilet bowl cleaner or your radiator cleaner, you would always want to use chemicals which are specifically designed for those purposes and nothing else. Otherwise, you run the risk of leaving stains, scratch enamel, and just generally making the problem worse than it was before. Be sure and leave handmade disinfectant alone, too. You will want to buy your chemical solutions from a reliable provider, and this includes eco friendly providers.

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