Capturing Rain and Runoff

Rubber RemoverCapturing rain and runoff is one of the primary uses of Mother Nature. She is good at growing roots, ground cover, and attracting fertilizing animals in order to get rain water well soaked up and used by the ground underneath her. Mother Nature is a very ingenious soul.

However, humans are not quite so wise and far seeing. We don’t always understand how rain water moves through the ground or what happens when the sun is shining brightly overhead. We may not even be aware of where our rain runoff goes when it pours out of the gutters of our homes or businesses. Clearly, there is a need for a little education here.

For many years, rain runoff has been used for garden, water gardens, pools, lakes and rivers. Capturing this rain is simply a matter of making an indentation in the ground and setting some stones over it so that the soil is not washed away by wind or water. This system is might effective and many people try to change it by doing the opposite and putting stone on hills, and letting the valleys be washed away. Unfortunately, this is a really good way to increase erosion and even produce some sort of soil avalanche. It’s not a good idea to do this technique backward.

However, by reading books like Creating Rain Gardens, we can educate ourselves on our particular soil structure, ground sloping, and climate, and create gardens and landscapes which properly capture rain and runoff, and do something productive with it. Therefore, it is a really good idea to read these books and to look at how chemicals you are using on your business or company landscape can be made better.

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