New Ways of Shipping Products Overseas

Fabric Conditioner, Laundry PowderAfter the many oil spills and shipping accidents which have occurred and threatened vital ocean life and eco systems, it is a good idea to take extra caution when shipping products overseas. Our environment must be protected and transportation is one of the major industries in which emissions can be reduced and sustainable fuel can be implemented and tested out. This is a wonderful opportunity to implement the green movement through use of biofuel and sustainable fuel in mass transportation of international goods.

In 2008, the sea conservation supporter, Earthrace, used their powerboat to completely circumnavigate the world on 100% biofuel. This indicates that it is possible to travel and transport across the ocean using nothing but safe, effective, sustainable fuel that is both biodegradable and safe for humans. This is part of a revolutionary movement which is focused primarily upon replacing all carbon based fuels and petroleum based products.

Now that we know that ocean transport is possible using 100% biodegradable and sustainable fuel, it becomes necessary that we learn more effective ways of making the transition from our current fuel engines to newer ones. In fact, some engines designed for petroleum based fuels have been able to burn a combination of biodiesel and petrol, and this sometimes requires a modification or addition to the engine. However, replacing carbon based fuel engines with something greener is not only highly expensive, but it also is a monumental task, considering how many engines for cars, airplanes and ships exist today which only function with non-sustainable diesel.

Biomethane is a liquefied natural gas which is becoming increasingly popular and appealing to the shipping industry today. This may be part of the transition to more eco friendly times while old engines are being used up and replaced by engines which can run entirely off of biofuel or biodiesel. These are just a few of the options which we have available today in order to make our planet a safer, greener place to live and increase sustainability of our lifestyles.

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The Benefits of Eco Friendly Car Ownership

Dishwasher Powder, Disinfectant, Rust RemoverAccording to a study done by MSN Autos, consumers are not really aware of the actual fuel saving capabilities of eco friendly cars, particularly hybrids. For example, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates fuel efficiency for these vehicles, but that is not always what occurs in real life, especially after a certain amount of wear and tear. Since hybrid and eco friendly cars can be very expensive, it is always an excellent idea to do your research well if you wish to buy a car which is geared toward reducing carbon fuel emission on our planet. Your aims may be worthy, but if they break the bank, then it may be time to examine some additional strategies for reducing fuel emissions.

Purchase eco friendly fuel products.

In areas where this is available, green fuel products such as Envirosafe Solution’s Extreme Green Fuel Conditioner may be the answer to part of your problem. You see, little things such as inefficient combustion and corrosion and clogging can really reduce the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, no matter what type of vehicle you drive. When you purchase green products which are specifically designed to increase the smoothness and slow down the burning power of your engine, then even the most petrol-guzzling of engines can be improved.

Exercise common sense…and make it a habit

Smoothness in driving is one of the best ways to reduce unnecessary fuel burning. For example, if you are constantly stopping and starting, with even small jolts on the accelerator and brake, then this burns far more fuel than if you can easily (and habitually) anticipate when you will be stopping or slowing down, and gently ease into a gliding stop. Also, when you start back up, it helps to time your advances in such a way that you can accelerate slowly, burning far less fuel than if you accelerate quickly or unevenly.

Take main roads

In the spirit of the previous paragraph, it is best to take more heavily traveled roads and main highways which are less likely to have a lot of starts and stops. This allows you to burn fuel more slowly. It is also easier on your vehicle as a whole, which allows you to keep it in better condition.

We live in a petroleum-based world which must change in order to maintain our current standard of living while also becoming fuel efficient, cost effective, and while protecting our environment. Envirosafe Solutions offers a wide variety of eco friendly service products, including Diesel Bug Killer and our Extreme Green Fuel Conditioner. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70