Food Waste, Animal Waste

Food Waste, Animal WasteMany people are of the opinion that various waste products have to be kept separate when they are being composted. This is absolutely not true. Whether you use animal dung or food scraps, both can be equally helpful in the composting pile that you have ready to spread over your garden, flowers, or crops.

Food waste and animal waste are absolutely interchangeable, and they both contribute different things to the compost pile. Food waste contributes vegetation of many different types (think about how much food is imported to your local store) which are then added to the local soil, which doesn’t move around a lot or bring in a wide variety of nutrients from outside sources.

Animal waste possesses more local organisms, vegetation and bacterial. Since animals eat other animals and local vegetation, their dung would naturally have more locally produced or grown products in it than grocery store food waste. By traveling through the animal’s digestive tract, the dung produced is already chemically broken down, which is not something that grocery store food scraps have when put in the compost pile.

The types of waste used together form a wide variety of nutrients and compostable factors in your compost or garden. Of course, many people bury the scraps in the ground, thinking that worms will compost them, and worms do, in fact contribute a great deal to compost fields run by local groups of gardeners. However, for individual lots, air circulation really helps the natural decaying process, so we recommend that, along with frequent turnings of the compost with a shovel or pitchfork.

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