A Fly in the Soup

Nothing kills an appetite faster than a fly in the soup. After thirty minutes of acute A Fly in the Soupanticipation, our mouths watering, and our stomachs growling, we are confounded when the delicious, beckoning soup has a fly floating in it. Tempers are likely to flare, and justifiably so. Ours because we have been served an extra, unwanted and unwarranted ingredient; that of the maitred’hôtel because not one of the staff had the wits enough to pluck out the floating insect.

In much the same way, we look forward with great expectation to novel products and services provided by a fast changing technology, only to be confounded by the ecological disaster they sometimes herald in. At Envirosafe Solutions, we are always mindful of the adverse effects of non-green technology. We have made our mark as one of Australia’s leading green-solution provider; our products ranging from Extreme Green cleaners to Extreme Green soil treatments.

There is no need to look over our shoulders with apprehension. The Extreme Green technology has been proven to be mostly biodegradable. That does not in any way detract from its undisputable efficacy. If there is a hazardous spill, our specially engineered absorbents and spill kits safely defuse the danger. Our range of green cleaners effortlessly and effectively cleans the windows, tiles and mag wheels. Our rust converter and rust remover are path-breaking. The list of our products is long. Rest assured that we have a green cleaning solution for just about any situation. Also, we are vigorously involved in creating new products—all green.

Coming back to the steaming bowl of soup, let us consider the scenario that the fly was never there in the soup, to begin with. Scrumptious! We wouldn’t hold back for even a moment; we would dive in and come up for air only when the soup was all gone. Likewise, knowing that our products are green and completely biodegradable, you need not flinch from using them to provide us a fast and effective solution.

We at Envirosafe Solutions provide ratings for all our products. We have put together a very clear, crisp product rating: a user-friendly ready reckoner. This simple and graphic ready reckoner lets you know the whole truth at a single glance. In this manner, we ensure that you can take a well-informed decision as to which Extreme Green product of ours best suits your needs.

Let us assure you that when it comes to green solutions, there are no flies on us. Not only do we provide a safe and effective solution, but we also enjoy doing so. We back our products with lots of love and support. So, quit worrying about the ‘fly’, and enjoy the benefits of our green products.