Sterile Office Air

Sterile Office AirWe all know how annoying sitting in an office all day can be.

The air which is recycled through the ventilation system almost reeks of sterilization.

The walls are gray.

The floors are monotone.

None of it is that enjoyable, but it does lend itself to warming up the place with plants and decoration and personalization. Plants do more than warm up a cold environment. They put more oxygen into the air, which is a really big deal in a sterile, refrigerated air environment. However, they do not tend to put enough in to make up for the tedious circulated air which is sent through the system every day.

Sterile office air is extremely taxing on a person’s body all day and forty to sixty hours per week in that environment can drive anyone insane! Unfortunately, this problem is made worse by toxic chemicals used in office cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. Used to clean bathrooms, hallways, desks, floors, lighting fixtures and windows, cleaning chemicals can really rain on your day and make the already sterile environment just a little too taxing.

The good news is that Envirosafe Solutions brings eco friendly liquid products to your office. We have everything needed to keep your worksite clean and sanitary, all using far less toxic chemicals which aren’t difficult to breathe after use! This includes marine glass cleaner, mould rid, toilet bowl cleaner and antibacterial hand wash for the bathrooms, disinfectant, and even glue remover! Everything you need to quickly and easily run your office cleaning and maintenance. Our solvent free degreaser can even work for messy printing or lubricant spills using office machinery. Our environmentally friendly liquids do all of this and more, and they also are safe for the planet as a whole. Not many chemical companies specialize in such comprehensive responsibility for what we put into our atmosphere and our sewage systems. We must be responsible if our great great-grandchildren will have a better earth to live on.

Make your office site a better place by using higher quality and safer chemicals in your regular maintenance upkeep. For more information, call our office today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.