GMOs and the Newest Eco Craze

Marine Glass CleanerTo be perfectly honest, all produce has been somewhat genetically modified, even if it took many years of gardening, farming and selling for this to be true. Genetic change can occur either in a more direct, more purposeful way, or it can occur over many years, through observation and a desire to simply produce a better crop each year.

However, the ethical and health-related debates concerning GMOs will not be discussed here. For now, we will limit our discussion to the fact that some eco friendly movements have long standing results, such as the conservation of water and the need for people to grow some of their own food. At the same time, other eco friendly movements are more like fads or trends and die out almost as soon as they are born. This would apply to things like saving the whales or helping baby seals. It is something which, while some people are still helping in those areas, does not still retain nearly the same following as the movements with long term following.

Currently, data and information about GMOs (a process which has been around for at least a decade in mainstream food production) are being distributed all over Facebook and other social media sites. Only time will tell if this eco friendly craze will last or not.

Fortunately, the desire to use safer, more eco friendly industrial liquids in our chemical solutions has made most people far more conscious about what they are buying, both for themselves individually and for their businesses in bulk amounts. Envirosafe Solutions distributes hard water laundry liquid, antibacterial hand wash, and multi-purpose lubricant. Of course, we also have plenty of other extreme green chemical solutions, like our toilet bowl cleaner and our glass cleaner. The point is that most people today look at the product labels of chemicals they buy, and make educated decisions based upon the quality, price, and the environmental impact that product has on society and the planet as a whole.

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