Further Eco Safety Measures

Further Eco Safety MeasuresWhen storing chemicals for cleaning or other uses, you must be careful to follow safety instructions. Since Envirosafe Solutions provides high quality environmental cleaning products and other eco friendly industrial liquid, we would like to discuss some of the ways in which you can safely store and handle your chemicals, whether or not you buy them in bulk for your worksite needs.

Store your chemicals in a cool dry place. Now, this step concerns environmental conditions in which your chemicals are stored. Heat can cause the chemical compounds to expand, perhaps causing a rupture in the side of the container, and even causing the chemical compounds to change over time. This can be ineffective, and even dangerous if you are not careful. In addition to that, moisture in the air can cause the sealant on the containers to be compromised, and leakage or chemical change can occur as a result.

Wash off of skin immediately. If any of the chemicals should come in contact with human skin, immediately wash with soap and water. Prolonged exposure to some abrasive substances can result in irritation, redness, swelling or even infection. All chemicals must be handled with care, and that is especially true for toxic or erosive chemicals. If ingested or in any way taken in by the body, contact your emergency medical services immediately.

Most importantly, use safe chemicals in areas with lots of exposure to humans. This cannot be stressed enough. If your workers frequently come in contact with these chemicals, remember that they must be safe. That is why our Extreme Green line of products is so popular, and our eco friendly chemicals are naturally safer than harsh industrial chemicals.

At Envirosafe Solutions, all of our products are designed to be safe for our planet. We take great pride in the maneuverability of our eco friendly liquid products. Our line includes rubber remover, multi-purpose lubricant, and rust converter. We carry many other solutions, as well. For information about the safety of individual products, visit our website and go to each product page for examples of septic safety and biodegradability where available. Call us today to order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.