Winter Preparation for Your Growing Things

Eco Friendly Industrial Liquid, Rust Converter, Dishwasher PowderWhen you are preparing your personal garden or even your farm crops for the next spring, you must prepare the plants and soil properly for the coming winter months. This is necessary because the winter freeze is required in order for many plants to bloom in the spring time, and often this freeze and subsequent flowering is necessary for fruiting of the plants. This is often true for agricultural settings, as well.

When the ground is warming up after it freezes in the winter, it can frequently crack and uproot smaller plants and flowers. This is why it may be important to insulate your dormant plants over the first freeze and to insulate the ground. This is so that, come spring time, there are not plate shifts in the ground, especially around your awakening plants.

In addition to ground protection, some of your plants can fall prey to critters which use them for food. They are most likely to be dug up after their ripening/blooming season, before the first freeze, and right before they send shoots up in the springtime.

Sometimes, if you are a fan of planting and growing bulb plants, such as onions, tulips and daffodils, you may dig up your bulbs and store your dormant bulbs in the wintertime or you may store bulbs in the winter before you plant them for the first time. When storing these, you may wish to dip them into appropriate plant-friendly drying powder and store them in breathable hanging bags, each bag according to the type of bulb, which should be hung and stored in a cool dry place. Small amounts can be hung in a basement, as long as it is well ventilated.

Often, natural feeders, such as birds or mice, can easily pick up seed from the earth, which is why it must be buried deep enough for proper protection, but not so deep that they cannot find sunlight and oxygen when they need them.

In warmer climates, especially where there is high humidity, various types of mold and bacteria can become rampant, especially before the ground freezes.

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