Keeping the Peace with Green

Fabric Conditioner,Laundry PowderSometimes, staying green is not just about saving our beautiful earth, but also about facilitating peace, tranquility, communication and understanding between different groups and different programs for improving our sustainability.

An educational program geared toward improving both peace and eco friendliness, Art of Living, has designed a newspaper bag competition where volunteers help schools and teachers to train students on how to make cheap, easily accessible, biodegradable paper bags for shopping, carrying items, in school, as purses, and in gift giving. Rather than the teacher assigning a paper about a project, students are given instruction and materials and they learn in the real world a practical approach for turning simple everyday objects into reusable items which are sustainable and biodegradable after they are thrown away. Students are thrilled with how easy these are to make and one mother reports that her son worked on seven at one time for a period of twenty minutes. Both teachers and parents are excited about this hands-on approach to learning about protecting our environment, and many schools reported that, once the students were given the idea, they worked together and learned about peaceful creativity and community while they were working on their eco friendly bags.

Architects for Peace is an environmentally aware and socially responsible non-profit organization that is designed to help architects, landscape architects, engineers, environmentalists and urban landscape designers to build aesthetically pleasing, socially responsible cityscapes in our urban areas. Architects for Peace facilitates professionals from a wide variety of origins coming together to meet urban needs in a peaceful, cooperative environment. Originally based in Australia to potentially prevent Australia’s involvement in Iraq 2003, it is now a peace-based, global operation with professionals, volunteers and environmentalists from all parts of the world.

While being eco friendly is not synonymous with peace, the two have one thing in common: a desire to protect and flourish the efforts of the greater good. This is why Envirosafe Solution is dedicated to bringing you eco friendly applicators, pumps, hand cleaners and lubricants, as well as many other eco friendly products. We want to contribute to the greater good, and we want to help you do it, too. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.