Self Care, Community Care

Self Care, Community CareSelf care is one of the most important things we can accomplish today. However, we are often told that self care is equivalent to selfishness. Selfishness involves putting your own needs and desires as the ONLY priority, rather than listing them along with priorities involving other people. Whether you put yourself first or not, combining your desires with the desires of others is not selfishness. Making your needs the only priority is.

Communities need people who both support the community and who take care of their own needs and their own responsibilities. There must be both aspects to people before they can really and truly contribute to their communities.

Ecological circles have found that they need both inspired and eager volunteers, as well as people who can focus on the job at hand and exercise some influence on their behalf. It is important to maintain both creativity and power.

Now, today, we look at eco friendly solutions to the average developed world lifestyle. It must apply all of the modern conveniences with a few luxuries, and do this within a system which is both safe for the planet and at least partially self sustainable.

Materials like marine glass cleaner and radiator cleaner and other chemical solutions require careful study and understanding of both the chemical and the environment at large. How else can you truly determine if something is really eco friendly? Fabric conditioner, antibacterial hand wash, and toilet bowl cleaner all fall into this category as well. Researchers must understand both the chemical composition and the environment which it will be influencing.

Fortunately, there is a lot of research data available for both of these scenarios. Scientists can really make larger and larger forward steps in their attempts to bring our modern lifestyles in line with organic, dirty composition of the sustainable natural world.

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