Panasonic Turns Green

Multi Purpose LubricantPanasonic, a commercial electronics company, has started to thrust forward with its new green initiatives, seeking to become the leader in eco friendly electronics by the year 2018. Their goal is to spring forward, plan ahead for the growing eco movement, and to implement ecological incentives which are available commercially throughout North America. Their goals also seem to comprise of making an entirely sustainable circuit or life cycle of their products, so that from material acquisition to customer purchase, the entire process is sustainable and renewable. This is, in theory, a wonderful idea, because it would make them a mean predator in the commercial market, due to being able to lower their prices and make higher quality electronics available to the thrifty consumer.

Are other electronics companies turning green? As a matter of fact, yes, they are, but this occurs to varying degrees. For instance, some companies merely want the reputation, whereas Panasonic is sinking a large financial investment into their eco operations. Some electronics companies simply looking to reduce waste and save money, and happen to enjoy the advertising benefit of their responsible behavior while they are at it. Panasonic is sinking a large amount of money into training highly qualified green teams to plan and implement a complete cycle of ecological development to emerge from the company. In other words, they appear to be taking their current capital, as a business, and sinking it into a much larger, more global, and more eco friendly idea. In a sense, they are one company which seems to be transforming themselves into a much larger and entirely different company altogether. It may be interesting to watch their new production develop over the next decade. Any company which is this committed to our environment should definitely be watched.

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