Mining Standards in the Twenty First Century

Mining is considered an extremely high hazard industry, mostly because of two factors. To begin with, the blasting powder and Eco Eco FriendlyFriendlyexplosives needed to explore and open up the mine more are very dangerous, can cause eruptions in the earth, or cave ins, and this can cause human injury or fatality on a fairly regular basis.

Technically, if everything has gone according to the code and according to company safety regulations and understood protocol, then everyone should get out safely and without injury. However, considering that this is mining and considering that there are always unknown variables, this is not a complete guarantee. And, that is just having to do with the rock in question and the mining company in question.

We are not even factoring in the error which can made by humans. This error increases the likelihood of death or injury a great deal more. We are not perfect robots. We make mistakes.

The second biggest danger hazard in mining is methane or similar gases which can rise from the depths of the earth. The further deep you go and the harder you mine, the more likely you are to encounter methane gas, which is highly flammable and only requires a little bit of spark to erupt. That, of course, is a really bad way to go and a really bad way to destroy a mining site.

It does not help that many of the chemicals used to maintain the mining equipment are harsh and ill advised for such operations. Instead, use eco friendly liquid products from Envirosafe Solutions. Our marine glass cleaner, our antibacterial hand wash, and our mineral deposit remover are ideal, eco friendly chemical solutions for something like a mining site. We also provide multi-purpose lubricant and mould rid to help with the process. Go over our website and see what else we can provide for your mining company. Our chemicals are safe for humans and the planet, and they are less likely to cause problems if there is an accidental spill. We recommend our products to any mining company in Australia which is looking for a change of chemical solutions. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.