Japanese Rock Gardens

Toilet Bowl CleanerJapanese rock gardens can easily be arranged in a sand setting or in green garden settings. What is the point of having a rock garden? Well, the Japanese, as well as many other cultures, view rocks as being part of the earth and metal elements, and believe these elements to have the most positive impact upon the human spirit or soul when arranged in an aesthetically please design, according to balance and texture, not according to custom. Custom and tradition are for people who value the habits of humans, but the study of a rock garden is meant to invoke a deep set appreciation for balance, serenity, completion, and ideals. It is part of a way to smooth our souls out and make them feel better, much like our bodies feel better after a two hour massage.

Japanese rock gardens often do feature plants, especially plants of various shapes, sizes, colors, and textures which form together to make a pleasing whole, not only with each other, but with the rest of the rock garden, including the flat ground underneath. These plants must be tended to carefully, and they must come from some type of good environment to do well in their new home.

Part of this plant care involves not using toxic chemicals to keep the pieces in good health and naturally well developed. In order to achieve the same effect without these toxic chemicals, consider looking for eco friendly industrial liquid from Envirosafe Solutions. You may need to clean off the sidewalk or path beside the rock garden. You may need to keep the soil down and moistened so that it stays in place until new plants have been rooted there or until shoots have started coming up. To clean the sidewalk or path, you will need eco friendly mineral deposit remover from Envirosafe Solutions. For soil help, you will need the dust suppressor from Envirosafe Solutions. Be sure and look at all of our individual products pages in order to make sure that your chemicals are exactly right for the specific job you need them for. It is a matter of keeping Japanese rock gardens, and all gardens for that matter, clean, green and growing: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.