Long-Term Danger to Workers Using Harsh Chemical Products

Glue Remover, Industrial Hand Cleaner, Mineral Deposit RemoverWhen employed in an industry where high corrosives are regularly used, workers must be careful that they do not experience symptoms of long-term contact with hazardous materials. Short-term health defects can range anywhere from headaches to vomiting or falling into a comatose state. This is a result of physical contact, oral ingestion, or breathing of concentrated toxic fumes. Long-term exposure to harsh chemical compounds can lead to central nervous system damage, kidney or liver failure, cancerous tumors, chronic inflammation, and respiratory problems. This is why Envirosafe Solutions only distributes eco friendly, safe, biodegradable solvents and other cleaning products. We believe that environmentally friendly cleaning is human friendly cleaning.

Inhalation of hazardous fumes can lead to spasms in muscles surrounding the lungs, causing breathing difficulty or complete cut off of airways. Chemical pneumonia and asthma are symptoms of petrochemical inhalation. Over long periods of time, repeated exposure to petrochemicals can result in loss of coordination, loss of memory, confusion, inability to correctly process information, or chronic coughing due to depression of the central nervous system. Upper respiratory symptoms are more immediate and involve pain and coughing and hoarseness. Lower respiratory symptoms are long term, or the result of too much short term exposure to petrochemicals, and can also involve asthma or chemical pneumonia.

Pesticides and petro solvents are hazardous materials which can penetrate unbroken skin at the time of physical contact and enter the bloodstream. These chemicals are likely to reveal their presence by affecting the brain first, the respiratory system second, and the central nervous system third.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products, rust removers and converters, and dust suppressants are available and can be stored safely for long periods of time, or even indefinitely under the correct storage conditions. Rather than accidental spills or human contact causing brain damage or nervous system failures, our Extreme Green products are just as effective as their non-green counterparts, and they are biodegradable and safe to be used around all of your workers.

Your business is designed to deliver effective products and services while keeping your employees safe. Extreme Green cleaning products are designed to continue to keep your staff safe, while providing odour dissolving, degreasing action for your worksites. Call Envirosafe Solutions today and ask us for more examples of surfaces and projects on which you can use our ‘green’ cleaning: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

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