Earth and Ocean

Dishwasher Rinse Aid, Fabric ConditionerThe lost city of Atlantis is said to be real and is said to be fictional. People have claimed that it is a real sunken city, and others have claimed that it is a mythical city where humans were actually able to interact with the ocean world and were perhaps able to breathe underwater and so on. Unfortunately, the majority of humanity today is only aware of the ability to live on the earth, and this means that we have to preserve what resources we have available to us. Interestingly, the ocean is a large part of how we are able to acquire our resources, but we often take it for granted because we do not in fact live there.

Oceanography has been studying extensive data on how things like global warming and carbon emissions have been affecting the temperatures of the ocean and therefore all of the living creatures and plants in the ocean. Sedimentary erosions and developments, which have to do with the movement of earth and rock both above and below the water, affect the PH levels of the water in certain areas of the ocean, creating certain current patterns in the water.

However, humans have always had an outside impact on large portions of the ocean waters. Accidental oil spills, coral transportation based upon offshore metal structures, absence and presence of algae and living organisms which attract fish and then are gone and deprive the fish of needed oxygen, and living creatures being affected by pharmaceuticals being dumped in the oceans and causing morphing of certain genes and also causing the inability to reproduce, which in turn causes the death of many eco systems and endangered species. This is obviously a large problem, and much of it is ignored because, in essence, Atlantis does not exist and it is extremely difficult to understand how this is affecting humans directly without being much closer to the problem. Fortunately, environmental awareness groups are doing their best to bring this to our attention and make it more personal.

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