Climate Control and Temperament

Climate Control and TemperamentClimate control is meant to be a concern due to the survivability of various eco systems. However, it has another victim, as well: humans. Not only does climate control have a very direct impact on animals and plants, but it affects our own moods, as well. Now, really, that does seem to sometimes be a bit of a stretch and not really that big of a problem. However, consider your own moods for a minute.

Remember a time when you felt really well and on top of the world? Now, think of a project you have to do.

Next, think of a time when you were depressed and despairing. Now, consider that same project.

Doesn’t it seem a lot more difficult and hopeless now?

The truth is, climate is a large part of what makes us happy. Humans tend to move to various parts of the country or the world in which their ideal climate is. In fact, it is a lot less about the conditions of the population or the native culture as it is about the temperature, weather, and prevailing seasonal behavior. People like to feel as if they are surrounded by things they respect and understand.

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