America and Australia

America and AustraliaAmericans love Australians. This is partially because the great nation of Australia is very similar to the energy which the U.S. exudes in every way. There is an air of freedom, of independence, of openness, and of joviality.

To America, Australia is just like them, only a continent in and of themselves. Australia has kangaroos, and everyone speaks with a delightful accent, and therein the differences end.

To America, Australia is a close cousin, if not a blood brother.

In our efforts to bring green evolution to the world, however, there is a bit of difference. Australia is heading the world market when it comes to using and producing eco friendly sustainable products, like those produced by Envirosafe Solutions and distributed to all other businesses in our own nation. Our environmental cleaning products, like our hard water laundry liquid, our antibacterial hand wash, our glue remover, or the multi-purpose lubricant for which we are so well known, are some of the forefront of technological evolution.

This, in turn, helps the ecology of our country.

America, on the other hand, is a bit more stubborn in her ways. The U.S. loves to be different and separate from everyone else, and considering they are bordered by Canada on one side and Mexico on the other, they have an especial interest in keeping their very specific nationalist methods of operation. In America, there is almost a rebellion by half of the population against such new age philosophies as eco friendly behavior. The other half of the population, of course, thinks like us.

In Envirosafe Solutions, we cater to all of Australia, and a few other select countries. Our sanitiser and fuel conditioner are such a couple of the high quality chemicals we provide for normal, everyday, industrial use.

Naturally, we know that some of you will not change from the chemical solutions you are already using, but we also know that you wish to bring higher sustainability to our world. We know that you are good at doing your research, and so you will inspect our website carefully and thoroughly. After all, you’re Australians. Give us a call today to place your order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.