Winter Months, Spring Prep

Antibacterial Hand WashNow that Australia is preparing to become winterized, it is definitely more important to regard the winter aspect of earth sustainability. We all have a great desire to make our own worlds more sustainable and renewable and therefore achieve great self sufficiency by preparing better in the winter, rather than only doing outside work in the springtime and summer.

The truth is, winter is a preparation for the following spring. In order for fruit trees to bear fruit, they must have achieved a minimum amount of freezing during the winter. If this is not possible, then the fruit tree cannot bear fruit the following spring and summer. The same thing applies to many fruits and vegetables which do better in the spring and summertime after a good, cold winter. If wintertime in Australia does not fall below freezing for a minimum number of days, then the plant will not achieve any potential, or at least not its full potential come warm weather.

That being said, there are certain vegetables which can be grown during the winter months, and many people who have land take advantage of this as an opportunity to make use of the need for continued food production throughout the winter months. In fact, many people have a lot of things to do in winter which you may not think would be applicable. Animals still need to be exercised, food still needs to be grown, and chemicals still need to be used for cleaning.

That is why Envirosafe Solutions produces the amount of eco friendly chemicals which we do. The vast array of chemicals that we offer are useful in a huge variety of situations, and include our mineral deposit remover, our electrical insulator cleaner, our bath and tile cleaner, and our rubber remover. In winter, our ice break would be especially useful. If you are looking for more ways in which to weather the winter months, then please feel free to browse our website and look at all of the different products which are available. Call us today after you’re done: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.