Winter and Its Special Magic

Winter and Its Special MagicWinter is joyous to some people and a seeming curse to others. You see, winter is associated with cold and barrenness and dryness and desolation and hard, bitter nights. However, winter is not so bad once you think about it.

Fruit trees require a certain period of hibernation during the winter in order to be well rested and ready for spring. Without a minimum number of days of freezing, your fruit trees will not bear fruit. For this reason, freezing temperatures are necessary for the fruit of spring and summer.

Winter acts as a cleanser. It freezes the living things and it wipes away the dead things in preparation for new growth in the springtime. The living creatures and plants hibernate and rest during the winter in preparation for their activities when things are green and growing again. Dead wood is broken off under ice, old grass and vegetation die off, and winds blow the leaves away which collected during the Autumn. Winter is the maid of the year, clearing away the excess and making room for new improvement and growth in the spring. Winter acts a lot like a cleansing fire, which burns up all of the trash and leaves a blank slate ready to be written upon.

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