Unrealistic Goals Lead to Failure

Goals are meant to help keep your attention focused on one or two important things while you are moving forward in your life. People who are Unrealistic Goals Lead to Failureeasily distracted or who are so inundated with monotonous information will find themselves needing to set goals more often than those who can will their concentration into remembering what they want to do and that they are not actually interested in doing other things.

Setting unrealistic goals does not mean refraining from shooting for the stars. Anyone is capable of anything, and the greatest movements in history were made by people who decided to push limitations previously set. However, unrealistic goals mean that you are attempting to cram too much work into a much smaller amount of time than you are capable of fitting it into comfortably. Also, it is okay to temporarily work yourself hard, but you must be able to return to a reasonable work level over a short period of time. There is only so much that a head and heart can accomplish before one of them decides to take a break.

So, instead of setting your dreams low, aim high, but also give yourself plenty of time to accomplish each task and each level of personal development. This is one of the best ways to improve yourself over time, while also guaranteeing that it actually gets done!

Do not worry about the delayed aspect of improving yourself a little bit at a time over a longer time period. It is better to eventually get there, rather than to not get there at all!

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