Understanding Eco Motivation

We are all motivated by different things and we don’t much care how we’re motivated. We just want what we want when we want it. There is not Understanding Eco Motivationa great amount of difference in how we end up getting what we want…or at least that’s what we can often think. The truth is, you must be aware of yourself and how you see the world and you must have a high self awareness, which is something which will be kept mostly secret, anyway.

When we understand what motivates us, we begin to accomplish great things and to immediately make our dreams come true.

To understand eco friendly motivation, we need to see what is the driver behind attitudes concerning the world. Some people believe in fear based thinking, where the world will end in a big bloody mess if we do not straighten up and all take responsibility for our planet. Other people believe that everything will be okay, but that we need to always stay alert and aware of our own individual actions. Still others think that there really isn’t any problem with sustainability and that the whole problem will fix itself, like is often the case.

As long as we understand different people’s eco motivation, we can approach it in the different ways to bring them to further understanding of and participation with our own eco friendly goals.

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