Further Visual Research Needed for Global Warming

Eco Friendly Industrial Liquid, Extreme GreenUnited Nations talks are being stirred to action concerning global warming and a call to action is agreed upon by many nations, except for the U.S., China and India. Snow melting and ecological change in the Himalayan Mountains has not been properly documented and these nations are wanting further proof of and description of the problem before they enter into negotiations and agreements on calls to action. Japan and Canada state that their current agreements on reducing carbon emissions are not up for amendment and that they are sticking happily with what they agreed to previously. The target of scientists is to reach the global peak of 2C temperature above the pre industrial era by 2020. Many people are concerned that, unless these pledges are tightened and cut down even more, these temperatures and emissions will not peak in time and that this may have long term consequences for the planet as a whole, destroying many ecological systems in the process.

Scientists have been called in to present their data and it is speculated that around seventy-four percent of global warming since 1950 has been due to factors caused by humans. Over 54,000 glaciers have been identified largely due to satellite imagery, but only ten of these have been studied and observed continually for a long period of time. More visual representation must be obtained in order to fully understand how this global warming is affecting our planet, from the glaciers to the mountaintops. Several nations are reluctant to commit to a specific pledge for emissions control for several reasons. First of all, until they are presented with data which concretely assures them that they, indeed, can realistically achieve these goals, they are likely to be reluctant to make rash promises one way or the other. Second, due to dust particles in the air reflecting some energy back out into space rather than allowing it to reach the earth, some feel that this needs to be carefully researched to more fully determine what changes are caused by human impact and what changes would have occurred anyway.

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