Carbon Emissions Temporarily Increase in U.K.

Eco Friendly Industrial Liquid, Extreme Green , Environmentally Friendly LiquidsIn the U.K., household energy bills may rise in the near future, as the big six energy suppliers are receiving government subsidies for gas power, and as the alternative energy sources had their government subsidies cut in half. This may put the goal of a cleaner, greener U.K. on hold for a few more months or years. One of the reasons why the government is withdrawing funding for wind and solar energy and sinking it back into petroleum based energy is that the energy plants for gas power only take 18 months to build. Ministers are concerned that quite a few coal fired power plants will be shut down and that there will be a gap between the need for energy and the actual amount of electricity available. The gas power plants which only take 18 months to build will be springing up all around the country in time for any energy needs which should arise, and of course not neglecting the government’s goal to continue building solar and wind powered energy and to be cleaner in the future. While the projected goals of building alternative fuel sites are now delayed, they are not dismissed and will simply be pushed back and set behind the goal of making sure that enough energy is quickly made available.

Gas power stations are also attempting to lobby as alternative fuel sources, since gas emissions only produce one half of the carbon footprint that coal fire plants produce. This attempt, however, is being ridiculed by both environmentalist groups and non-ecologically aware groups and it may be only be successful insofar as the plants are still easy and quick to set up. After all, 18 months is not very long and it would bridge the gap between potential needs and current supply of energy. It is an interesting development which can be looked at from many different angles.

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