Tug-of-War: The Conventional vs. the Green

Eco FriendlyFor the last fifty years or so, there has been a tug-of-war between the proponents of the conventional technology and the proponents of the green technology. The dices were loaded. The advocates of the green technology were ridiculed, smirked at, and none too politely, pushed aside. Powerful forces were at play. The conventional technology was the bread and butter (or more bluntly, the money-churner) of the giant industrialists. They could afford the best PR, the best ad agencies, and of course, the best lawyers. They had the big money, and they used it ‘well’. The proponents of the conventional technology used every trick in the book: economics, viability, falsification of evidence and powerful lobbyists.

The well-funded campaign against the green technology did not deter the stalwarts of the green technology. They surely, steadily and determinedly advanced and refined their technology. Though out manoeuvred in terms of money and influence, they caught the imagination of the world with their daring new ideas and down-to-earth declaration that the ecology needed, indeed demanded, to be preserved. People watched with awe and interest as new fangled devices were invented and displayed. The early solar panels and the wind-turbine were just two examples of the green movement.

With the propagation of the message that our own survival depended on the delicate eco-system, and steady advancements, the advocates of the green technology finally attained a position of some respectability. Global warming seems to have come to the aid of the environmentalists. The global rise in the temperature, and the undeniable melting of the polar caps finally turned the tables.

Despite this heightened awareness of the imminent ecological disaster, the proponents of the conventional technology were not easily dissuaded. They still had the big money. Among the few companies who championed the cause of the green technology was Envirosafe Solutions. At Envirosafe Solutions we have, with a passion, adopted the eco-friendly practice and demonstrated, without a shadow of a doubt, that the green technology is both effective and affordable.

We produce the following products: absorbents and spill kits, cleaners, corrosion treatments, degreasers, disinfectants/sanitisers, drains and waste odour control, soil treatments, fuel treatments, hand cleaners, kitchen products, laundry products, lubricants, problem removers, radiator liquids, and toilet treatments.

Our Extreme Green range of products caters to a multitude of industries: airports and airlines, automotive and transport, corporate offices and businesses, cleaning contractors, defence forces, facilities maintenance and management, government, hotel housekeeping, hospitality and resorts, hospitals/clinics and aged/child care, mining, construction and heavy industry, other commercial and private industry sectors, and warehousing and manufacturing

We at Envirosafe Solutions have clearly demonstrated the efficacy and affordability of the green approach. We enjoy making the word a safer place for you, and for the generations to come. We are proud to make Australia one of the leaders in green technology.