Three Steps to Water Reuse

Three Steps to Water ReuseWater reuse is the reusable properties of gray water (kitchen sink, shower, gardening water) which can be put to good productivity throughout your business site and land. For instance, you may find that your gardeners or landscapers spend a great amount of water on keeping the grass green and the place having aesthetic appeal, but a lot of gray water from workplace lavatories and workroom sinks can be reused in this manner.

Step 1. Make an appointment with your business’ plumber. Make sure that they have a full schematic of your building, that they are totally informed of the intention of calling them to your office, and that they have full and free access to the plumbing system of your entire workplace environment, both indoors and outdoors.

Step 2. Think outside of the box and be creative. Just because something has never been done before doesn’t mean that it’s not an awesome idea! Be innovative, ask your plumber a lot of questions, talk to the architect, and consider all of the ways in which you can make water reusable in your business.

Step 3. Run the numbers. If you are particularly eco conscious, then the same cost for reusable water in your business may be enough for you. However, many people also seek to reduce their water usage and therefore their overall cost. Run the numbers and make sure that, in the end, the amount of water reusability is making up for the cost of setting up these eco friendly systems. Also, be sure and account for expenses in setting the system up initially in the first place. While the end result may be very cost effective, you may run into high costs of starting it up that you may or may not be prepared for.

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