The Truth about Watering Your Grass

The Truth about Watering Your GrassModern wisdom dictates that we water our grass at nighttime, so that there is a minimum of evaporation during the heat of the day. The truth about watering your grass is that you can do it even better, without needing to water it every day, by using basic principles of nature.

In order to retain soil, the earth on your land must be held down, both by soil covering (like grass) and ground covering (like bushes and trees). If you accomplish both of these principles, then whatever rain the land receives is soaked into the ground AND held there, rather than running off, evaporating, or quickly using up the resources of the grass roots.

The truth about watering your grass is that there needs to be more than grass there. You need to be able to accomplish a wide variety of water retention, and that means that wide open spaces need to be broken up with some sort of addition vegetation, on top of the grass. It is recommended to plant this additional vegetation with trees in between hills and valleys, shrubbery on top of hills, and long grasses and wild rice or something to soak up the water which inevitably collects in the valleys. This is not only functional, but it creates a more even top to the landscape in otherwise very rolling hills. Then, when people set out on food to explore the land, the ground level itself will dip and rise according to its nature, but this won’t be immediately apparent.

Watering your grass also means that you must take care of whatever soil is there, even if it is not covered by grass. For that reason, we recommend Soil Wetta, our dust suppressor, from Envirosafe Solutions, a company built upon the principles of eco friendly liquid products. In addition to basic chemical products which service agricultural needs, we provide a wide array of other environmentally friendly liquids, like our marine glass cleaner, antibacterial hand wash, and rubber remover. If your worksite demands a lot of friction, we recommend our multi-purpose lubricant for that. Really, there is very little that we can’t provide to your jobsite. Be sure and check out our website or call us here at Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.