The Spinning Wheel

The Spinning WheelFor centuries, the spinning wheel and the drop spindle have changed the way that humans have been able to clothe themselves. Instead of the all too familiar clothing of sewn leaves which were the attire of Adam and Eve, we now have the ability to grow and spin our own clothing. This is a really big deal, since spun thread can fairly easily be woven or crocheted or knitted together to form large pieces of cloth to wear for coverings or just regular clothing.

Spun thread has come from a variety of sources, including the silkworm, flax top, cotton, wool from sheep, and even hemp. None of these are non-sustainable. Every single source of clothing attainment is had from a renewable source, with the possible exception of synthetic materials which are produced from petroleum based products.

Now, Envirosafe Solutions does not possess any spinning wheels, but we do distribute environmental cleaning products which clean all types of cloth, sustainable or not. We carry eco friendly industrial liquid which is safe enough to use in your home, too!

Among the materials we carry to clean all cloth and fibrous skeins of thread, we include our hard water laundry liquid, our fabric conditioner, and our laundry powder. These are items which deserve to be used on a regular basis, due their intense cleaning strength and their eco friendly properties. Our entire company is all about making eco friendly liquid products, which are both chemically effective and chemically safe for our beautiful world.

The spinning wheel and drop spindle (hand spinning) have been used for centuries, and now large manufacturers create thread and cloth, and these are things which make nice clothing available for a great number of people, rather than just the wealthy few. In addition to this, manufactured thread makes sustainable products like cotton and wool that much more in demand. Not everything has to be about mass consumption of limited resources. We will never be without the clothing we need to keep healthy and stay warm. In order to find out more about how Envirosafe Solutions contributes to the eco friendly sustainability of our planet, visit our website or call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.