The Fall of the Honeybee

The Fall of the HoneybeeAll over the world, the honeybee is taking a nasty fall. This is partly due to toxic agricultural pesticides which prohibit the honeybee from pollinating and gathering pollen for making honey and for increasing plant production. However, it is also due to the fact that many areas where the honeybee used to thrive are now overridden with all types of foreign plants, which do not require honeybee pollination to thrive.

Some people are allergic to bees or afraid of being stung, and so the bee population being wiped out is just not considered a very big problem. However, it can become a huge problem when plants which used to use bees for reproduction are now becoming extinct or under pollinated. Part of the sustainability of planet earth involves preserving the useful plants which we use today and which bring in a great deal of value, such as perfume or color or paint pigments or dying processes or soil regeneration. There are many uses for flowering plants, some of which may not be flowers.

It is so important to remember that you must bring production and productive capabilities to all forms of life, and that non-human subjects are capable of doing this on their own, but that our own production in certain areas or using certain chemicals can do both harm and good. We want to accomplish as much life fulfillment with as little non-productive offset as possible.

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