The Failed Up and Comers

All over the country, we see eco friendly companies spring up and try to use their particular edge on sustainability to become a great power house of what it means to beThe Failed Up and Comers green. They have high goals. They have their business educations and their young hotshot businessmen. Everything seems to be going great. Then, for some reason, everything goes to pot.

In the business plan, contingencies were not written for every emergency, so everyone is handling a problem in their own way, and by the method that they each think is best to do it with. Well, this makes the whole process more disorganized and it keeps people from moving forward as well. If this is not fixed, then the process becomes even more disorganized and the whole thing goes to pot very quickly.

The failed up and comers really had a promising career. Their vision seemed straight. Things weren’t held to or held up as long or as strong as they should have been. Flexibility was not planned, and plans were not allowed to adapt.

You see, being eco friendly should start with the process of being sustainable itself. Building a company around eco friendly principles without having an actually sustainable model in place to grow the business out of is not only irresponsible, it’s unrealistic. Well, fortunately, Envirosafe Solutions built our company around our eco friendly liquid products. We took very common household and industrial chemical solutions and we put our researchers to work finding eco friendly equivalents.

They had to be just as strong.

They had to be just as effective.

We would accept nothing less.

After our researchers came up with our line of products and our chemicals were duly evaluated and properly classified on every scale from biodegradability to septic safety, then we know that we had a company that you could actually build upon and grow. Then we knew that we had a solution to everyone’s problem. The failed up and comers didn’t know what they were missing out on. Our company has succeeded because it was built around this particular solution. Being eco friendly and still chemically effective was all it took. Today, have a browse through our website, and call us to order today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.