The Emotions of Green Movements

The Emotions of Green MovementsEco friendly endeavors, unfortunately, carry a lot of negative emotion with all of the positive progress. This is mostly due to the bitterness that some individuals feel over the fact that they have to clean up the planet, while other people do not seem to care whatsoever. This lack of balance over energy and time and effort spent on these types of projects cause resentment in some people and irritation in others. After all, if you do not care as much as others, should you be forced to? On the other hand, if the planet can be saved, shouldn’t we all participate?

The argument has validity on both sides, and that is because it is human nature to demand both individual choice and community involvement, and taking care of the planet borders on survivalist modes of operations. When humans stop thinking about preferences and start having to survive, their survivalist mentality demands participation from everyone, not just the few who are really active.

While green movements are indeed necessary for the survival of our planet, we absolutely must not turn this into a survivalist movement. That type of thinking brings about coping mechanisms and unnatural behavior. Rather, we should engage the public with the beauty and energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of the green movement. In other words, we really have to sell this, so stop bargaining and start selling!

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