Sustainable Plant Harvesting

Environmental Cleaning ProductsPlant harvesting is one of the most ludicrous sustainable activities in the world. This is especially true for fast growing plants like bamboo and other material oriented plants. Sustainable plant harvesting can reap a great reward if used properly and cycled well. If abused, this process can be very detrimental to the earth, the retention of the soil, the nutrients, and future plant growth.

Now, when researching into sustainable plant harvesting, it is important to remember that ripping the entire plant out of the soil has both positive and negative consequences. First, the positive results would be that no more water would be drawn up into an essentially dead plant. This is, of course, assuming that the harvesting method is machine oriented and therefore fatal to the plant as a whole. The negative consequence would result from the roots and all of the plant being ripped out of the ground, causing soil erosion and barrenness. Even dead plants break down into more nutrition for the soil, while also keeping the soil intact.

Plant harvesting in sustainable industries like fast growing trees or bamboo materials can be very ludicrous, but it depends on how fast the plant grows and how fast the company is willing to have turnaround time on the harvest. It can be a lucrative business, but more importantly, it must be sustainable. Without this extra reliability, then the company is scheduled to go bankrupt in less than ten years. There must be planning ahead, and it must be geared toward maintaining the renewable status of the land.

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