Sustainable Gardening

Dishwashing Liquid, Diesel Bug KillerSustainable gardening is not just for the purpose of saving the planet and each of us contributing our little part to the well being of the earth. Sustainable gardening is also about reducing grocery bills, reducing petrol costs of traveling to and from the supermarket, reducing support of and exposure to harsh chemical pesticides and preservatives which are sprayed on the food, and about learning how to commit to growth of a plant. This last part may be the most difficult for many of us, since we are not always aware of our plant responsibilities in the middle of our busy lives. Perhaps some of you, (and myself), have had several bonsai plants die on you in your dormitories in college.

Urban gardening

Large portions of earth’s population live in cities. In this urban setting, the idea of gardening can seem strange and even impossible. However, many people are successfully doing this and are dramatically reducing their grocery bills as a result. Some people hang potted plants from beams, rafters and the roofs of their porch, patio or balcony. Some have plenty of light on a balcony, sun room or through large, well-lit windows. Some people use grow lamps to flowering fruits and vegetables, and mint and herbs and spices for their kitchen or as aromatic devices.

Pipe gardening

If you have access to a flat roof, or an otherwise undecorated but also unlivable segment of space, you can do pipe gardening. This is where you take long large pipes or long thin box segments and lay them out in a row. Cut holes in the pipe for individual plants to grow through and allow enough width in the hole for large plants and thick stalks, depending upon the size you wish them to reach.

Hydroponic gardening

If you absolutely are not in favor of using potting soil or consider it too messy or even if you just don’t have enough room, you can also use hydroponic gardening. Plant roots need nutrition, water, and air, so you can actually grow plants in tubing or lines through which you have water and aeration. There are many different types of hydroponic setups to choose from, depending upon what you wish to grow and what type of root system your plants have and what they require for nutrition and water/air balance.

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