Sustainable Advertising

Sustainable AdvertisingWhen you hear the words “sustainable advertising,” you most likely think of things like email marketing or website optimization, but you are probably pretty sure that it cannot involve paper products or anything made from wood.

The truth is, however, being eco friendly does not mean that you have to give up paper products or even reduce them that much. You can achieve the same result with 100% recycled paper which, when used, can be re-recycled, thus avoiding any tree usage whatsoever.

In addition to that, forestry demands that trees only be chopped down only above a certain point, so that the tree can re-grow the part which is harvested for wood products, anyway. This means that, even if you use wood products, as long as the company is using safe and renewable forestry techniques, you are not killing any trees, either. You are merely using the harvested portion of the tree, while the remainder of it is allowed to re-grow and to be harvested.

In fact, during the hunter-gatherer periods of human history, many forestry techniques were done this way. Villages only used the parts of the tree that they absolutely needed and used the above mentioned forestry technique to retain the trees, while also being assured of wood products in the future for building, coopering, and a wide variety of other woodworking necessities, particularly when towns started being built and communities began to organize together.

Hunter gatherer societies did not necessarily move all the time. For meat, they could have raised herds of animals, and for gathering, they could have eaten meat from nut trees, many of which heavily sustained early man. That is why the oak tree symbol has had such significance over the age of mankind. Today, we see it as a symbol of tradition or unity, but in reality, early humans used it as a main source of food.

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