Soil Aeration

Fuel Conditioner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Glue RemoverThere are some basic gardening tidbits which newcomers to the world of plants must learn. Plants do not need simply water and sunshine in order to grow. In fact, many plants do not need sunshine at all, because they are designed to grow in full shade as ground cover and are usually found on the edge of forests or are part of forest beds, meaning that they receive little or no light at any point. What all plants do need, however, is water and oxygen. If you are new to gardening, you might have noticed that potting soil is different than regular soil that you find in your back yard. Earth soil can be very compressed and not allow any air in. Your new plants will grow to a certain height and then they will literally suffocate and wilt, even if they have plenty of moisture and required light. Potting soil is designed to “hold” air within the soil, and typically there are also little bits of foam in the potting soil, which also contribute to breaking up the soil and allowing air to reach the roots of the plants.

In organic and eco friendly gardening, you must be especially careful not to allow pollutants to enter your soil. Since your soil soaks up the air above, it can also soak up pollution and that can get into flowers and vegetables that you are growing. Many people have difficulty in picturing how the earth, the ocean and the air can exchange pollutants, but this occurs quite easily. The earth and the ocean both contain air, and the air and the earth both contain moisture. This is a great incentive to be careful about how your vehicle, motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides, herbicides, rodent poison, and harsh chemicals affect your soil and your lawn and gardening plans for your home. If you choose to use poisonous or toxic chemicals, be sure to store them in a tightly sealed container away from children, and be sure to use them where they will not be rinsed away into the ground.

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