Several Miles to the Nearest Storm Shelter

Several Miles to the Nearest Storm ShelterThe author grew up in an area known for tornadoes, where there was a lengthy and virulent “tornado season” every year. All over the world, a tornado touches down every second. That’s a lot of whirlwinds. In his book Air: The Restless Shaper of the World, William Bryant Logan discusses how air circulates, what makes it move, how to attract rain and what prohibits clouds from turning into rainclouds. He talks about whirlwinds and tornadoes, and discusses the damage that air can do when it is in this circular shape.

Growing up in a high tornado area during tornado season, I’ve witnessed my fair share of storms. The snakelike body of the tornado as it winds down to the ground, ripping up everything in its path and the way that it gradually draws air in closer and closer until the air couldn’t escape if it wanted to. Like a magnet, the closer an object is to the tornado, the harder there is a pull on it.

Of course, when a tornado siren sounded, you better have a storm shelter, because if you don’t, and you were in the path of the whirlwind, then there is a huge problem and no time to fix it. People have died because the door of their storm shelter came loose or got stuck when they were trying to get inside.

Today, we have many solutions to the same problem, such as grabbing a mattress and curling up in the centermost part of your home, away from windows. We also have community centers where residents can camp out when a particularly bad storm comes by. And in ecological terms, we have a lot of earth safe chemical solutions for your daily activities.

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