Seeming Dissonance against Eco Friendly Techniques

Seeming Dissonance against Eco Friendly TechniquesDissonance about implementing (or sometimes even talking about) Eco friendly techniques may seem to come from everywhere, and from every group. However, this should never be taken to heart, because more than likely it is based upon a preconception, rather than actual interaction with “green” techniques and knowledge of how innovative and modern those implementations can be. On the contrary, it is best under that circumstance to recognize the difference between their knowledge and your life experience and to take a rather different approach. What should you do and what is the best way to approach this seeming dissidence against Eco friendly techniques?

First of all, never protest and never become overly eager to sell them on the idea. Your strong emotional reaction and intention to sway their opinion may only cause them to dig their heels in deeper and be even more stubborn about their viewpoint. Instead, approach the subject from the side, depending upon their personality construct. If they are highly independent, use the argument that you simply prefer a more self sufficient, off-the-grid way of living, and then talk about the techniques. On the other hand, if they enjoy fascist and semi-socialist government constructs and government dependencies, talk about it from a more political view and a perspective of city wide and region wide improvements for their citizens.

After you have avoided overbearing them and have approached this topic from the side, continue by asking them what their take on specific details are. Do not let them make the subject over generalized so that they can return to why they do not like certain Eco friendly initiatives. Instead, query them (as if their opinion has weight and carries a lot of influence with it) about specific details of a project of renovating a very specific area. Include specific, recognizable buildings if you need to.

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