Grocery Shopping, Seed Usage, and More Money in the Bank

Antibacterial Hand WashThe author grew up with a mother who would save watermelon seeds, cantaloupe and bell pepper seeds, and all kinds of other seeds, and use them to plant her garden. While some varieties of fruit or melon or vegetable are bred so that they won’t reproduce, many fruit and vegetable seeds found in grocery foods can still be used today in the garden.

This makes shopping so much easier.

While you are at the store, you can pick out the food which you are the hungriest for, and then you can take it home, try new foods, and plant the seeds of any fresh produce that you would like to reproduce. Does that sound too simplistic?

Often, the reason why produce cannot be used to make new plants is not because the food industry is seeking to cut down on private gardens. It is usually because, by using that particular breed or cross-breed of plant, growers are able to get more disease resistant and pest resistant produce, which in turn is able to grow larger and bring more profits, as well.

It is a good idea to find out exactly which items can be grown from produce seeds, and which cannot. That way, you can do what some people call “wild sowing,” where after saving up a lot of seed, you simply go out onto your land and cast the seed on the ground, letting the wind help you out. Of course, this is not as guaranteed of a system as implanting the seed directly into the soil, but it is how many people have grown a wilderness type of environment on their land when they prefer a less structured approach and a less structured appearance.

At the same time, using produce seeds can save you a lot of money in the spring time, no matter how you plant your seeds. This is because seed packages are often several dollars in price, whereas produce seed is only the cost of the edible food you just bought. If you intend to do a lot of planting, then this can give you more money in the bank.

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