Plant Life in the Oceans

Rust Remover, Fabric ConditionerJust as our terra, or earth, has living eco systems on land, the oceans have their own delicately balanced eco systems which preserve all life and growth under the sea. Just as in a forest fire or other natural disaster on land, oil spillages and fuel emissions which are spilled or thrust upon the ocean leave temporary long or short term defectiveness. Petroleum based fuels and carbon in the air both get into our oceans and kill off plants and fish through absorption. Again, this temporarily throws multiple eco systems off balance and only time will allow these living things to flourish once more. Unfortunately, if we continually allow these unnatural products into our oceans, then there is never even a chance of recovering this former abundance.

Petroleum is still used in massive quantities today, so it unlikely that it will be out of supply for some time. Many offshore drilling plants exist around the world, and even just transport across the ocean can be spilled and affect the ocean life.

Interestingly enough, offshore petroleum platforms in the water act as artificial reefs and rock for fish and plant life to be cultivated, and this in turn can attract ocean life that would normally be highly dispersed. Marine fishermen often use this fact to acquire fish and ocean mammals in water that is safe. These artificial creations which attract fish and marine life also manipulate currents, offer temporary protection, and a quick bite to eat along the way for passing ocean life. This is seen as a small benefit to our oceans regarding petroleum platforms, but this is not due to positive attributes of petroleum itself, but rather positive attributes of manmade structures under the water.

Petroleum spills can cause deformation of seagulls, fish, amphibians, coral, and mammals. Wastewater contamination is also a problem, because massive amounts of algae spring up in otherwise unpopulated areas, and feed on human excrement, then die off as the source of the wastewater dies off. The dead algae depletes the ocean in that area of oxygen and fish can literally suffocate to death.

As you see, our oceans can be affected by many things in many different ways. By doing your part to keep our oceans and our sewers clean by using eco friendly chemicals, such as the ones found at Envirosafe Solutions, you are contributing to thriving sea life. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.