Extreme Green Sanitiser/Mould Rid

Mould and mildew are unwelcome guests in the workplace. The green slimy or black stuff is a serious health  hazard for your employees. The presence of mould colonies is known to cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions, and big patches of slippery slime are an obvious OH&S issue. Mould is invasive, and once it gets into your dark and damp corners it can be an absolute nightmare to get rid of. You need to get on top of mould before it gets on top of you, and that means you need a powerful cleaner that kills the fungus and sanitises the surface area.

Extreme Green Sanitiser/Mould Rid is a tough mould removal agent that’s especially suited to hard surfaces, such as stone, masonry and brick – ideal for rugged Australian working conditions. This product doesn’t clean mould away temporarily – it kills it for good, using a specially engineered blend of chlorine, sulphates, alkalis and non-ionic surfactants. Extreme Green Sanitiser/Mould Rid is the all-in-one solution for keeping your toilets, showers and refuse areas clean and fungi-free.

A unique feature of this product is its ability to cling to vertical surfaces for extended periods of time. When you spray a conventional mould cleaner on to a vertical surface, it typically slides straight down the wall and into the drain, which means the product only comes into contact with the mould for a matter of seconds. Extreme Green Sanitiser/Mould Rid is different – it’s the Spiderman of mould cleaners. By virtue of its special chemical composition, this products attaches to the wall surface and stays there, working its powerful cleaning magic until you rinse it off. More contact time on a soiled and mouldy surface means better cleaning results. Simple.

The power of Extreme Green Sanitiser/Mould Rid is matched only by its simplicity of use. This is a free-rising cleaner that mixes readily with water, ensuring quick and effective results in all situations. Mould rid kills the green & black stuff and then washes away quickly and easily. Because this product contains no petro-solvents or harsh acids, it’s biodegradable and safe to dispose of in the waterways.

Envirosafe Solutions recognises the need for tough cleaning products to meet tough working conditions in Australia. Yet we also know that cleaning products need not harm the environment or  the user, which is why all our cleaning solutions are both 100% powerful and 100% safe when used as directed. For more information on how Envirosafe Solutions can assist you with mould removal, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.