Roughage and Health Dangers

Roughage and Health Dangers“Roughage” is known as the healthy growth and physical movement required to spend time out of doors, and it is also known as the cultivation of food which you eat from your garden, rather than buying at the store.Some people are afraid of “spores” in the air, and for some, this may actually be a real problem. For the most part, though, health increases the more one is exposed to tiny bits of bacteria and pollen with which the immune system becomes accustomed.

Health dangers come when the skin has prolonged contact, without washing, with the various elements of civilization (parks, rivers, interactive exhibits), without contact with nature in between times (trees, grass, flowers). In the above example, the dangers increase when someone is continually exposed to human bacteria without the intermittent chances to be exposed to natural “outdoor” bacteria. This can mean that antibodies in one person can affect the immune system of another. However, playing out of doors around actual green growing things can give your immune system a chance to “stock up” on healthy antibodies with which to protect itself.

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