Rodent and Pest Control During Early Growth

Rodent and Pest Control During Early GrowthLet’s look an interesting little scenario: First, we have plants sprayed with some pretty hardcore pesticides. These pesticides prevent rodents, insects, and other pests from ravaging on the plants.

Secondly, the pesticides kill off all of these pests, both rodent and insect based. The dead bodies fall to the ground.

Lastly, even though nature tries to decay and reabsorb the bodies of the pests, they are filled with preservative pesticides which cannot break down in the soil easily and, after they are broken down, have now poisoned the soil. This is where the degradation of ecology begins and where the efficiency of industrialism begins to taint the sustainability of our world.

Early growth is when these pesticides tend to be used most frequently, when the plant is in its early stages and is most vulnerable to outside influences and ravaging from pests. While pesticides initially allow the plants to grow large because they are unimpeded, the truth is that over time these harmful chemicals can wreak havoc on the sustainability of the soil and the soil nutrition. All of this is not even mentioning the soils ability to hold nutrients, which can also be affected by long term pesticide use.

What are we going to do when the pests will ravage the plants on one side and the pesticides will ravage the soil on the other side? The answer is in eco friendly chemical solutions which provide protection for the plant, as well as being biodegradable or at least in no way harmful to the soil. While Envirosafe Solutions does not carry pesticides, we do carry dust suppressor, our soil wetta, and we do value early agriculture solutions which also contribute to the land in many ways.

The overuse of harsh chemicals has made it necessary to produce and distribute environmental cleaning products like our fuel conditioner, toilet bowl cleaner, and rubber remover. Our dust suppressor is not the only eco friendly liquid product we carry. When you go to our website, you will see many versions of our eco friendly liquid products couple with a wide variety of uses. Some of our products are even partially biodegradable! Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.