Irrigation Or Rivers?

Dishwasher Powder, Disinfectant, Radiator CoolantElders dismissed a draft plan outlined to return 2750 billion litres of irrigation water to the river system, saying that the draft plan was not concrete, was not transparent, and was lacking in balance and detail. Senator Hanson-Young has input with the idea of getting 4000 billion litres of water returned to the rivers through buybacks rather than efficiency upgrades in the irrigation infrastructure. Malcolm Jackman of Elders stated that buybacks would hurt the irrigators and damage Murray-Darling basin production, and indicated that discussions are not closed and that he is not a spokesman for big business, but that the proposed draft plan was insufficient and unclear enough to warrant dismissal. The objective viewpoint seems to be that if a more complete, more goal-oriented draft plan was presented to him, he may agree to it, but that the one presented to him was lacking in enough basic detail to determine whether or not that draft plan would be appropriate for their needs.

When channeling water and drawing it away from its source for purposes like irrigation and area development, it must be carefully planned either way. All sides and possible outcomes must be researched, tested and considered. A draft plan must include all possible research data concerning current irrigation needs and river conditions, as well as all possible outcomes which would present a win-win situation. In this type of scenario, simply being excited about an idea and presenting it for approval may not be enough. The people to whom you are presenting this information may be a great deal more knowledgeable about current conditions in both areas and informed as to what strategies would be most likely to work. Not only would a draft plan have to be completely exhaustive and comprehensive on all subjects concerned, but it would have to be presented professionally, in such a way that it is easy to see that all possible problems and issues had been thought of and addressed.

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