Pro-biotics in the Air

Pro-biotics are essentially the opposite of antibiotics. Rather than seeking to kill off all living organisms in the tissue or in the air of a person or place,Pro-biotics in the Air pro-biotic sources help good bacteria to grow. Of course, pro-biotic liquids such as Acidophilus are very good for the human body, because bacteria must exist in the tissues anyway, so it might as well be good bacteria.

Naturally, pro-biotics in the air are not seen as anything useful. People tend to be more likely to clean and sterilize the air around them, rather than adding bacteria to it! However, good old fashioned fresh air is heavy with pro-biotic material. Micro animals, little pieces of plant material, human skin, pollen, dirt, flower petals and many other things are in fresh air and all of these things help to build pro-biotic organisms in our bodies. This means that our immune systems become stronger and more resilient, our muscles become more impermeable, our sensitivities and allergies and physical ailments decrease, and our love for more fresh air continually grows. We were meant to be strong and healthy, not weak and suffering. Fresh air does this, naturally.

Unfortunately, many petrochemicals put off a harmful emission into the air so that even casual cleaning products can offset these pro-biotic materials in our breathing air. That is why Envirosafe Solutions has built eco friendly industrial liquid and other environmentally friendly liquids in order to help keep your areas organic and clean.

Obviously, our chemicals are mostly cleaning or maintenance chemicals. Now, that means that you can use them in your ordinary everyday maintenance of your worksite without having to worry about cracking a window before you do. It also means that the “fumes” will not mess with basic healthy fresh air coming in. You will be and feel much safer using eco friendly products than otherwise.

What are some of the chemical solutions we offer in our eco friendly liquid products? Rubber remover, multi-purpose lubricant, and porta-loo treatment are among the many different products we provide to you and your business. We ship all over Australia. Try our dishwasher rinse aid and see how easy it is to be green! Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.