Preparing for Winter Frost

When winter is just about upon you, it is really important to prepare all of your plants and vegetation and trees for the coming months. Many floweringPreparing for Winter Frost and fruiting trees require that they go through a period of frost, a minimum period, before they will have wintered enough to produce fruit. Some tropical plants will need to be brought inside to weather the cold winter months. Whatever the case, you need to understand that winter is an important part of every plant’s growing cycle. They are dependent upon this rest period or a frost period, where the temperature is below a certain level and causes them to go into a sort of hibernation.

Winter also kills off a lot of growth which should not be around in the first place. Many weak or scrawny plants are easily killed off by harsh weather, and this also why dead tree limbs are far more likely to break under ice than live ones which have some green to them and therefore are somewhat supple and flexible.

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